Corporate Tower, 2009

Daring, sustainable and practical


The creation of these corporate headquarters with its multidimensional, glass-faceted form makes a bold architectural statement but is underpinned by strong functional reasoning.
CEO Corporate Tower, 2009
CEO Corporate Tower, 2009
CEO Corporate Tower, 2009
HQ to Danone, our daring geometric proposal balanced the needs of the individual with the practical requirements of maximizing internal space utilization for the clients.
CEO Corporate Tower, 2009

The Efficiency

With a modern avant-garde external aesthetic, the building disguises its internal efficient utilization of the 10000 sq-ft. We enhanced light and air flow, to save money, improve human interaction and drive up productivity.

Externally the angular glass screens protect the building from sun and reduce the internal heat index to create a naturally lit healthy working environment, even at the height of the Mexican summer.


The lower level retail space is enlivened by the dynamism of the interlocking sections and consistent use of inclined geometric lines and intersections.
CEO Corporate Tower, 2009

The Result

The interwoven geometric sections of the building start at the core, to create a daring facade that, as it rises, utilizes the same geometric architectural inspiration.

Facts & Figures


Fideicomiso CEO


Final Completion 2009


Santa Fe
Mexico City


56,000 m² / 602,779 ft²

Lead Architect

Jorge Arditti
Arturo Arditti


Arditti + RDT

Lead Architect

LJ Ingenieros


Arturo Arditti
Paul Czitrom