Reforma Diana

Corporate Tower, 2013

A classic that stands the test of time, under the gaze of Diana.


This iconic Reforma landmark takes pride of place on the corner overlooking the Diana statue. At 28 floors this cubic commercial classic offers unrivaled outdoor space and panoramic views of Mexico City. Terrace space is a signature of all our buildings. We believe that access to fresh air and space to relax during lunch and work-breaks improves the health, wellbeing and productivity of teams.
Reforma Diana Corporate Tower, 2013
Reforma Diana Corporate Tower, 2013
Reforma Diana Corporate Tower, 2013

The Challenges

Striking the right balance between height, functional design and engineering practicalities is always a challenge when designing and constructing tall slim buildings. Building on top of Reforma’s porous mud-like soil not only required engineering ingenuity (that resulted in foundations reaching 60 meters into the ground rock) but architectual logic to know when that balance is found.
Reforma Diana Corporate Tower, 2013

The Results

The invisible complexity of this structure delivers architectural simplicity and geometrical balance that blends the building into the visual fabric of Mexico Cities sky-scape. Balance works on many dimensions. From exterior to interior – the higher the structure and with every additional floor, available space is fractionally reduced, as the width of the structural pillars increase. We achieved an optimal balance of height, width to maximize the building’s available usable space while still offering staff ample terrace space to access the uplifting power of an outdoor environment and the resultant mood enhancements.

Our Goal Achieved

We set out to design a functional structure with lateral facades that operate as main facades to give the building a corner building feel. Seven years on we have a building that blends with the color of Mexico City, complements the skyline and is a street level landmark that embellishes the city.

Reforma Diana Corporate Tower, 2013

A City Icon

Affectionately referred to as the Jenga building, we have a classic that stands the test of time, and the gaze of Diana.

Facts & Figures




Final Completion 2013


Paseo de la Reforma,
Mexico City


33,800 m² / 363,820 ft²


Arditti + RDT Architects
Architectural Design
Construction Supervision


LJ Ingenieros

Lead Architect

Jorge Arditti
Arturo Arditti


Arturo Arditti
Paul Czitrom